Our watch servicing process is carried out with meticulous care. Our team of highly skilled professionals work diligently to restore your watch to its optimal condition, paying close attention to even the smallest details. When you receive your timepiece back, you can expect a refined level of craftsmanship that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Full Service

As per the prescribed protocols of the respective brand, the watch will undergo a systematic deconstruction process. This procedure enables a comprehensive evaluation of each component, facilitating meticulous servicing and, when necessary, replacing any required parts. It is important to note that timepieces featuring a chronograph function entail a higher level of complexity, thus necessitating additional time and expertise during the servicing phase.

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Glass Repair

The resilient glass or crystal of a watch serves as a protective layer for the delicate components beneath, yet it is susceptible to scratches or, in unfortunate circumstances, complete cracks. Regardless of whether the watch crystal is crafted from glass or plastic, we offer a professional replacement service to address such issues promptly and effectively.


Bezel Repair/Replacement

The bezel plays a crucial role in securing the watch glass in position, and like the glass itself, it is exposed to potential wear and tear. Our specialized bezel repair service is designed to address various issues such as scratches, scuffs, and even the replacement of broken or missing bezels. Through this service, we can restore the bezel to its original condition, ensuring both functional integrity and aesthetic appeal.



The watch battery, while an essential component, is inherently finite, even in the most exquisite timepieces. Our precise battery replacement service involves opening the watch to insert a new, top-quality battery. Subsequently, we restore the watch to its original factory-like state by ensuring a secure resealing process.

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To restore a watch to its pristine appearance, a meticulous polishing process is essential. Our skilled specialists will carefully eliminate both superficial and deep scratches from all relevant components of the watch, rejuvenating its overall look. Through our delicate approach, we ensure that the watch is left with a refreshed and brand-new appearance, reminiscent of its original allure.